BAS Preparation

BAS PreparationConcentrate on your core business activity and leave your BAS preparation to the experts

Preparing your BAS (Business Activity Statement) is a legal requirement in Australia for all businesses who are registered for GST. And failing to prepare it properly or to submit it on time to the Australian Tax Office ( ) can result in fines and penalties levied against the company.

Accounts And Advice bookkeepers prepare your BAS in a cost and time-effective manner. Avoid late penalty fines and interest. Our BAS Agent service can organise and lodge your Business Activity Statement on time, every time. Accounts & Advice can prepare all components of your BAS including:

GST collected and paid
PAYG instalments and withholding
Fringe benefits tax instalments
Fuel tax credits
Luxury car tax
Wine equalisation tax

There are a number of these transactions requiring special consideration. Accounts & Advice can calculate your goods and services tax (GST) liability and GST credits accurately. Our Melbourne bookkeepers will ensure that you receive all valid GST tax deductions and keep accurate GST records on your behalf. With our BAS preparation service and bookkeeping services , you can use these reports to assist in the management of your cash flow and forecast the future financial needs of your business.

We have been delivering BAS preparation services to businesses across a diverse range of sectors including construction and infrastructure, tourism and retail, not-for-profit organisations and financial services for many years, and have the expertise to ensure yours is done accurately and on time.