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Accountant MelbourneBusiness Set Up - Company, Trust, Partnership, Superannuation Fund

We offer businesses and nonprofit organisations advice on company registration and trsut establishment. Accounts and Advice is the most experienced accountant Melbourne wide. Choosing the right business structure is important as this decision impacts on your tax position. The other important consideration is of course asset protection. A mixture of trusts and companies is a common structure if the business is to hold high value assets. Often these assets are best held in a trust with a lease agreement to the operating entity, usually a company. Estate planning may also have an impact on the decision as to whether a company or trust is appropriate. Register a company today by calling 1300 629 454.

Taxation Services

Taxation can be a complex issue with capital gains, fringe benefits and income tax all having an impact on day to day transactions. An accountant specialising in taxation in Melbourne will look after your tax affars and lodge all necessary returns. We can organise all types of returns to be lodged including company, partnership, individual, superannuation and trust returns.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds and Audit

For employees who want to control their superannuation investment, it may be worth setting up your own self managed superannuation fund, SMSF, to manage your assets. There are particular rules as to which assets a self managed superannuation fund can own. Borrowing is also now possible in a superannuation fund, with certain restrictions. Should you wish to consider setting up a superannuation fund, there are certain aspects of the setup which must be adhered to if it is to be a complying fund. Accounts and Advice, Accountant Melbourne, can assist you in making this decision. Self managed super fund is a viable option now that borrowing an property investment is an option.

Business Consulting

If your business is in need of restructuring or general advice about the best way to go forward, Accounts and Advice can advise on best practice within your industry and assess your performance against relevant benchmarks. Our experience across a range of industries over many years enables us to advise on the most appropriate course of action for your business. Whether you are looking at new growth opportunities, divestments, restructure or refinancing, Accounts and Advice can be your trusted partner.